First, I want to say thank you for stopping and taking time to check out my blog, this has been an adventure and I am glad I am able to share it with you!


I am a wife and mother, an artist and coach. I live with my husband and son in southern Pennsylvania, along with being a food blogger; I coach our local Special Olympic Bocce team, find as much time as possible to paint, draw and be as crafty as I can. I am a graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, with a degree in Printmaking and Art Education. I was an art teacher in a private school dedicated to children with Autism and also a public middle school before I left teaching to work for my father.

When I first started writing this blog in 2010, I was concerned more about the food I was feeding my new son and wanted to focus on nutritious food for babies and kids without breaking the bank. It slowly evolved into more of my adventures in the kitchen trying to balance cooking for a picky eater of a husband and a child.

Early 2010, shortly after my son was born I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, after multiple tests and various drugs (that never seemed to help) I decided to change my diet once again. In 2012, I officially became Gluten-Free, and I have never felt better. And so, my blog once again evolved…with my original goals of balancing healthy eating with picky eaters, I have now added gluten-free variations into the mix. Making my primary focus on healthy gluten-free foods the whole family will enjoy all while trying to heal my gut.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Victoria marie says:

    Great blog, can’t wait to read up on all of the tasty looking meals! Having Ulcerative Colitis, being a vegetarian AND a fussy eater I could do with finding some great tasting alternatives! I know I will be busy reading up on your blog! x

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