It’s funny, over the last few months I have told myself to open my blog and write something down but I didn’t, I put it off.  I guess in a way I have been in a writing slump, even social media has been slacking.  My last post I mentioned change, and perhaps that is just it…I need to adjust and really think about what I want to share here and now. Who says things shouldn’t and wont change, change is a part of life.

In the most recent “Better Blogging Newsletter” from Carol (Simple Gluten Free) it was all about giving it time and it just really made me think and well shes right.  Yeah, I am in a slump but am I really?  I am just not writing.  What I am doing is focusing on things that I have put off, things that have made me happy and are really a part of who I am. Yes, I am still gluten-free and I still love to play in the kitchen but I feel like lately that hasn’t been my focus.  And who’s not to say I shouldn’t share what I am doing or that I have to write about one thing? Because in reality, I blog for me. I love the friends and connections I have made and that I continue to grow, but this isn’t my job, I don’t make any kind of profit (except for the occasional free samples) and I am okay with that.

So while I used to sit and write or play creating some new concoction in the kitchen, I now make time in my studio.  Between my family, career and the Special Olympics, I fit in time for me…in my studio doing something I missed and love so much.  I keep my sketchbook on me at all times, I sketch when I have the urge. I guess this past year I didn’t just make changes with my career but I have changed my mind set a bit.

I would like to commit to posting on a regular basis, and I hope I do, however I can’t commit to the posts always relating to food. (Granted, I really love food!)

I will share this…I did try to wean gluten back into my diet and lets just say that was not a good idea. I feel like in very small amounts my body doesn’t react, but anymore than than…nope!  And, as I reminder…I don’t have Celiac, I have Ulcerative Colitis that gluten just seems to irritate.

I will be around, hopefully a lot more than I have.

You can always follow me on social media, I seem to be on Instagram that most.


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