Time to Embrace

Be you, the only you there is. No one else is qualified for the job. Have fun, identify and embrace what you love, define what you believe in, dream. Be the person you are meant to be. – Sandra Magsamen

Now that I’ve started creating again it’s all I want to do. I didn’t realize how much I have been missing it, I thought the occasional drawing, writing, odd creation here and there was enough. It’s been over week of making something everyday. I never know what it will be until my pencil, brush or pen starts moving across the paper. I never go in with a plan. It’s my emotion, what ever I feel at that moment in time, which can evolve throughout the day.

I choose to create based on my feelings, I will occasionally get the urge to draw something more lifelike and I will fulfill that urge, but my heart leans towards the abstract. And I guess it really always has, art to me is more about a feeling then actual representation. There are artists that can combine the two and there are times I can, but just choose not to and to go with my heart.

There are a lot of people that know I have an art background and they know I like to draw and paint and they know I come from a pretty creative family, but they have never experienced or have never realized what I create. I have had a lot of positive feedback from posting daily and many people have asked me to keep posting, and so I will.

Currently, (when I’m not working on my Art Journal) I have been drawn to encaustic painting. The process is a little different then regular painting since you use wax as the medium. I was given a bunch of natural, unprocessed, beeswax from my uncle a couple years ago and have since melted it down into smaller pieces. You can buy special encaustic mediums that are already pigmented and can be expensive, but I’m cheap and will find other ways to make it work.

My Encaustic Setup

My current setup; a hot plate with small tins/metal cupcake pans and crockpot to hold wax, oil sticks, resin, various brushes, and a heat source (a heat gun, torch, or a hot air hair dryer. I use a hair dryer right now, it isn’t as consistent as a heat gun but it works.) I keep the raw beeswax in the crockpot and remove some as needed, I use the small tins for the tinted wax. I mix pieces of oil sticks and crushed resin to the wax, the oil stick adds the color and the resin will strengthen the wax. The heat gun is used between the layers of wax to help fuse the layers together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will be adding a tab soon to showcase some of my work, including some of my past pieces.


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