Life on Paper

We have had a string of bad luck the past few months, that has left me questioning “why are we being tested like this?”

Things happen, I get that. Being an adult, owning things…like cars and a house come with responsibilities and maintenance, I get that. When everything…EVERYTHING, seems to happen at once, well that I don’t get. As hard as one tries to be prepared, sometimes you just aren’t, and there is nothing you can do but deal with it and laugh. I keep telling myself it’s part of a bigger plan, He knows what He’s doing and everything will be fine, we will pass this test. I still can’t help but feel like I want to scream, I have had my break downs that are filled with frustration…which it doesn’t help that I don’t do well in the winter to begin with. Needless to say my laughter is slowly becoming more like a cackle.

This all will pass…hopefully it will soon.

If you follow me on Instagram, twitter or even my personal Facebook then you know that I have begun my own type of therapy…stress relief. I have always sketched and or written to help cope with my person struggles. I haven’t written in a while and well my sketches have become less and less. I need the release of art, being creative and just putting it all on paper. So, I have challenged myself to start art journaling.

Life on Paper #HoysArtJournal

The current book I’m using is only a 6″x6″ wire bound sketchbook. A plain sketchbook. It was actually my guest book from my senior show in college, we had flooding in our basement and it was water damaged and the majority of the comments bled, therefore it was time for it to be repurposed.

Mixed Media: Ink, acrylic, paper, pencil, watercolor

Mixed Media: Ink, acrylic, paper, pencil, watercolor

I have never been one to hide my art work, I’ve always been willing to share it, however my writing is something different. I rarely let people read what I write, they are usually very personal and sometimes can become darker than some people would like to know. Just ask my mom, I think she is the only one who has read them, and not because I asked her to, but in a way it was probably good that she did. Anyway, my reasoning for starting the art journal was to combine both and just express myself on paper. I am keen to mixed media and texture, or even the illusion of texture, most will use more than one medium, some may have a lot of writing, some may have none, but all will be a personal expression. You may not understand and that’s okay, they aren’t for you. I have decided to share on social media as a kind of accountability. I may stop at some point, at least on Facebook and twitter. But for now you can follow along on my art journaling self challenge by using #hoysartjournal 


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