New Year, New Look


This past year has gone so fast, as they always do. There has been so much going on in my life and I didn’t get to write as much as I really wanted. December especially.  As you can tell I have decided to change the look and feel of MintGrapefruit, it is something that I have been thinking about for a while and I finally have been able to find the time to make it happen. I wanted to go with a cleaner and fresher look, what do you think?  I am still unsure about the text size, seems a little big but I will probably be tweaking more as time goes on. Not only have I changed the look, I changed domains. I will still keep the Blogger account open, I just have too much linked to it, I will however be posting a redirect and slowly disable that old account.

I have also been thinking a lot about the subject matter of my posts, as you may know my blog has evolved many times since I first started in 2010. From being mostly about baby foods, to family recipes, to mostly gluten-free recipes.  Food will still be my main focus, but as my health has gone up and down and this past year I actually shared more of what I have been going though, I feel that I need to continue to share. So there may be more health related posts this year.

Since I have switched domains the first few posts may include compilation posts, meaning I may share all my Slow Cooker recipes, or Mexican Recipes in one post. My hope is to redirect people here instead of my old one, we will see how that works. I hopefully have updated all the links and such but you may come across one or two that I missed, if you do feel free to let me know and I will fix it.

I’d love to get your feedback on my new and (hopefully) improved site, do you like it? Do you find it easy to navigate? 


Now, I can’t just go and post without at least sharing something so here it is: Raw Sauerkraut, yep easy homemade raw sauerkraut! I wasn’t going to combine this with the “New Look” post but since I am posting it for the new year I figured why not share some ‘kraut? I know there a quiet a few people out there that will be eating pork with some ‘kraut on the side, or on top. Now I can’t take any credit for this one, other than I made some at home. I first came across this recipe on Healthful Pursuit, it was a guest post by Dana Machacek. I have looked a little into fermented foods because I know they can be really good for digestion, and this ‘kraut recipe is no exception.  I used to stay away from most fermented foods because they actually caused, what I thought, more pain in my gut and most likely due to the fiber and gassyness of the foods.  I have heard that fermented foods are a big part of the GAPS Diet and Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), but I honestly don’t know enough about either of them to really weigh in on that.  Maybe I should look more into them…not going to lie, I think some of it is a little silly.

Fermented foods are essential to introduce, as they provide probiotic microbes in the best possible form. Supplements of probiotics settle in the upper parts of the digestive system and generally do not make it all away down to the bowel, while fermented foods will carry probiotic microbes all away down to the end of the digestive system. Fermentation predigests the food, making it easy for our digestive systems to handle, that is why fermented foods are easily digested by people with damaged gut. Fermentation releases nutrients from the food, making them more bio-available for the body: for example sauerkraut contains 20 times more bio-available vitamin C than fresh cabbage. via

With that said…on to the homemade raw sauerkraut.Sauerkraut_edited1 copy What makes it raw? Well it isn’t cooked nor do you use a hot bath to process the jars. This is really an easy process, I always thought it would be harder but honestly the hardest part is the waiting.  All you need is: Sterilized mason jars with tight-fitting lids Wooden spoon Large green cabbage (organic) 1-2 tsp high-quality sea salt or celtic salt (I used Himalayan) 1 tsp caraway seeds (or to taste) ½ cup filtered water Go to How to Make Sauerkraut  on Healthful Pursuit for the full process and more information, plus links to Dana Machacek. One decent size cabbage filled a one quart jar, I made a second batch that filled two pint size jars. I waited six days to open the first batch of sauerkraut, the jar had so much pressure that it kinda exploded…so make a note to have a towel near by just in case.  I am not going to lie, I was worried that it would smell rancid or just not taste right; this was my first attempt of any thing fermented.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted, it was crunchy, sour, salty and slightly sweet. Sauerkraut, but without being overly cooked. I do however plan on waiting even longer to open the second batch. On a side note, I don’t feel this effected me or my IBD badly, I was cautious and only had a small amount at first.  It does make me a little nervous eating fermented foods, I am honestly worried about excessive gas. I know that it should be good for my system but one never really knows how something will effect ones body. This whole sauerkraut thing has made me want to try other fermented foods, smell is so important when I chose to eat something that that is the only thing that has ever really held me back. I have never had kombucha but what I have heard the smell is not the most pleasent, which is the only reason I have not gone out to buy it.



4 thoughts on “New Year, New Look

  1. Dana says:

    Yay! Glad to hear that you survived your first batch of raw kraut making. Pressure in the jars is really normal– I’ve had a number of bad explosion experiences before, so now I make sure that I only put the bare minimum of water that I can in each jar. It sounds like yours turned out perfectly, though. It really should taste pleasant and crunchy, like you said– not slimy or rancid AT ALL.

    I’ve noticed a huge difference in my digestion since incorporating raw kraut into my diet on a regular basis. I was totally worried at first that I would be a walking, smelly disaster, but that hasn’t happened at all. Your gut will strengthen up remarkably fast with food-based probiotics (fermented foods, basically). Promise! 🙂

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