Product Review: The Gluten Free Bar

I tend to usually make my own gluten-free snacks, but occasionally I like to have something I can grab on my way out the door or to have just in case I go somewhere with out any GF options. In the past I have had various fruit and nut based bars, and when given the opportunity to try a new one I jumped at the chance. Plus, I love getting free samples of products to try and share!

A little background information on the Gluten Free Bars (GFB), well first and foremost they are gluten free, made with all natural ingredients and are vegan. These bars are high in protein and would be great as a before or after workout snack. You should really check out their website for more useful information and details HERE

I tried the bars, they have four different flavors of bars (they also offer bites). Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter and Cranberry Toasted Almond. All of the bars were really good. I liked that I knew all the ingredients and could see them in the bar, they had a slight crunch from the seeds that was pleasant. I highly recommend them!

I only had one negative and that is that there are currently no stores around where I live to buy them. I can however, order them online by the case of 12 for $28. If they were available at a local store I would probably buy them on a regular basis, but personally am less likely to order them online.

I personally like the GFB better then some of the more popular brands out there. Because of that I really wish they had them locally, hopefully as the company grows they will expand into more stores around the country.

If you are GF I recommend checking them out! You can even order a sampler pack so you can see what flavors you like best. Mine? Chocolate Peanut Butter, I’m a sucker for the chocolate and peanut butter combo!


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