Moms Meet: Kashi Chocolate Soft Baked Squares

Last Sunday our moms got together to sample Kashi Soft Baked Chocolate Squares. The verdict was…they were good.

These are family friendly brownie like bars. Soft, chocolaty, and full of things you wouldn’t necessarily expect. The second ingredient is sweet potato, there is also black beans. It is something you wouldn’t mind giving to your kids; mine thinks it is a treat, and I would rather give him this then a cookie.

We had to rate what is important to us when buying snack bars and also what we thought of the squares. Some of the items were: is it good tasting?; is it a good value for the money?; is it something my kid(s) would enjoy?; is it low in fat?; etc.

The items most important to our group when buying snack bars were; good value, good tasting, something my whole family would enjoy, flavor and high quality ingredients. And they were all found in the Kashi squares. We also liked that the Kashi squares were; healthy, natural, made with whole grains, naturally sweetened and that they contained fruit/veggies.

Currently they only have chocolate and almond flavored squares. Hopefully they will come out with some other flavors eventually. I think everyone in the group will probably purchase these, the only thing that would keep us from doing so is that they are a little dry and aren’t available in our local grocery store. Maybe someday our store will branch out, they don’t have much in the way of organic, natural or vegetarian options
*We only sampled the Chocolate Squares, I also received a couple cereals and Banana Chocolate Chip Bars.
Please visit the Kashi website for a lot more information.
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