Two Years and a blog rant…

I can’t believe that I wrote my first post on this day two years ago. It started off as a place for me to share things about being a new mom and making healthy food for my baby. Originally I thought it would be more about my life as a mother, wife and hopefully a little about myself as an artist, but it seems to have evolved to more of my trials in the kitchen.

When making baby food my goal was always to make sure my son tried new flavors, introduce him early so he wouldn’t have such a limited plate. What I have now just realized is that I have made it my goal not just to make healthy and more veggie based meals for me but to get my husband to eat more veggies and to expand his tastes. For some reason he has a very limited plate and it is hard to get him to eat healthier options. I always figured it would be harder to get my toddler to try things.

My boys

It has never occurred to me that I have this little mission going on, I really just want my family to eat a little bit better. I have mentioned in other posts that my husband is the one who usually makes dinner during the week. He gets home almost two hours before me, so unless I make something a head of time that can just be thrown in the oven or a slow cooker meal, he does the cooking. I don’t complain, I am very grateful that he is able and willing to do this. However, a typical week of meals may include: fish sticks, chicken nuggets, pizza, hamburger helper, broiled pork chops. The sides may include: Macaroni and cheese (out of the box), green beans, peas, scalloped potatoes (out of a box), rice (flavored either from box or pouch), just to name a few. There is a trend here, anyone? A lot of processed food. I do the grocery shopping, so I can’t fully blame him. I have been buying less and less processed and more fresh. Now that more items are in season it should get easier, or at least one would think. I try to go to the farmers market at least once a week, sometimes two. (There is one that is pretty close to the grocery store, so it will be easy to stop there first.) There is a growing trend of people wanting to eat less processed or shall I say ‘clean’, or at least all my friends seem to be. It should be easy, I live in a community within a rural area, there are farms all over. Now buying fresh is the easy part, getting my husband to eat it is a whole different story. There is not many veggies that he likes. Corn and carrots, I am pretty sure those are the only veggies that there is never a face or complain made. Here is the most recent problem I am facing, my son. Yes my husband will try most of what I make and he will eat the veggies that are on his plate, good right? Well he makes this face, it is almost a gag like face, not attractive and he doesn’t even realize he does it. My son is picking up on the face and the fact he doesn’t like the veggies, so in turn he doesn’t want to eat as much as he used to. And even though I eat them, it isn’t the same as daddy. I am starting to worry it will be two against one.

Let me back up a bit…I love my husband and he does SO much around the house, me dealing with his eating habits is minor compared to what he has to deal with with me. As you know I am training for a triathlon, which eats up a lot of my time, and (I will let you in on a little secret) I am a messy person.  A messy person how doesn’t always realizes that she is messy. Yes, I know my dresser is a mess, my corner of my room and my studio space…but there are time I will leave something on the counter or table and forget about it, literally, even though I see it again and again.  For some reason it just doesn’t bother me, key word…it doesn’t bother ME.  I have been this way my whole life, my parents just stopped trying to get me to pick up my room.  I do think I am better then I used to be, but…I am still a mess.  Now with a little copycat in the house, I should be more conscious of picking up after myself, before I get the “well you don’t do it” the same as “Well Daddy doesn’t eat it”.  So anyway, I guess I have something to work on other than just getting my husband to eat his veggies, now don’t I??


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